Tanisha Lawrence, Owner of LAW Beauty Essentials

My father was a business owner. He owned two restaurants and he was also a car salesman. When I was in high school, I worked at the restaurant. I helped my mom and I understood everything she was doing. Some things I would point out, like, “Hey Mom, I think you missed that” or even ideas on how we can measure food. When you’re Jamaican, there’s really no recipe. It’s a pinch of salt or a dab of this there. I’d think, “How can we save on seasoning? Maybe we’re putting too much seasoning. How can we save on plates? How can we save money?” I feel like with my father being an entrepreneur, and with me working for other companies, I was ready to start something of my own.

It took me a long time to realize what I wanted, and I was always in a rush. I’m 26 now, and I started LAW Beauty Essentials when I was about 24, and I felt like I was behind when I was only 24! But once I knew, I knew.


Funny enough, I wasn’t always a beauty girl. I have two older sisters, two beautiful girls, and their makeup is on fleek at all times. There was a point in time where they told me, “Girl if you’re not going to put on makeup, you can’t come out with us.” They meant that in the most sincere, loving way. [Laughs]

LAW Beauty Essentials

Then when I started doing makeup, it was horrible. Once I was so pissed at my sister for posting a picture of my makeup from her birthday. She was like, “You look fine. You’re learning, you’re doing your thing.” That makeup was so bad. You could see the concealer. But yeah, I wasn’t always a beauty girl before I started LAW Beauty Essentials.


Now I’m a flight attendant with United [Airlines], but after United, I don’t think there’ll be anything else. I think it’ll be LAW. I’m really focused on growing the brand.

I’ve been contacted by a beauty box that is huge! I can’t say who just yet, but I hope that will give me some more exposure and open up some doors. Beauty boxes are really my channel that I try to get into. Obviously, I want to be in ESSENCE magazine and other magazines. But I’m not giving up. I respect ESSENCE for wanting quality things. It just makes me want to keep up and work harder. You know what I mean? Sometimes artists have been out for 10 years before you hear about them. You have to really put the work in. I don’t mind putting in the work. I’m just waiting. I’m not going to have the same opportunity that Kylie Jenner had. I have to really put in the work.

LAW Beauty Essentials


I’ll be honest, I don’t have a set beauty routine.  I make sure that I wipe my face off with makeup remover every night, no matter how tired I am. I  don’t put on any moisturizer before I go to sleep. I’m just really oily.  I just wash my face off and I use the toner. I was noticing that the pores of my nose we really clogged. Sometimes I use this really thin, really light serum. But honestly, I always wash my face and drink a lot of water. I’ve also been tapping into the plant-based diet, and what I like about it is there’s no pressure. It doesn’t say that you can’t eat meat. I just try to make the veggies the main part of the meal rather than the meat. I like that because I don’t want to just give up chicken because I struggle with maintaining weight. I want to be slim but not skinny. I don’t want to be a zero. That’s my personal preference. Not that zero is bad. I believe you should be your own sexy. That’s not my sexy, though. I like to be a three, tight. You know what I mean? I just really try to eat healthy, and I don’t eat fast food. That’s a big part of my beauty routine.

I think the hard part about being a “boss” as a woman and woman of color, for me, is my “matter of fact” attitude. The thing is: when you’re a “to-the-point” person, you eliminate the opportunity for people to be bullshitters, and that makes the average person very uncomfortable. The average person doesn’t think like that, which is why everyone isn’t meant to be a boss or a leader. The average person sits on a dream and they talk themselves out of it and they go over it in their heads all the time. That’s how average people operate, and it doesn’t mean they’re less than, it just means that’s how our society teaches you how to be. But that’s not how I am or how I’ll ever be.


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