Meet Melanie


Being a darker brown girl herself, and always having to create her own “beauty rules”, Melanie Yvette truly felt the lack of information and conversation surrounding Black women with darker skin tones.

But down the line, something else clicked. After leaving her job as the Beauty and Style editor for, Melanie would have Indian and even Asian women asking her opinion on beauty products for themselves, eager to talk about how much they too, as ethnic women, have felt left out of the mainstream beauty world.

She’d then decide that Beautifully Brown was really for all Brown women.

The concept, clear: create a space where women of all ethnic backgrounds can feel like they have a say so in the never-ending beauty conversation.

Melanie’s dream is to create a digital Brown-girl beauty movement, empowering women of color through beauty, makeup and a little bit of fun.

Meet, Melanie Yvette.